“Unleashed” is the theme emblazoned on invites to Apple’s next big event. So new Macs – presumably with high-performance Apple Silicon – seem a safe bet. Well, either that or it’s the exciting announcement of iPhones for Dogs.

The graphic is modeled clearly after the sci-fi effect faking faster-than-light travel / the Millennium Falcon going to hyperspace. Or, if you support my alternative theory, it’s stylized dog fur.

I know a lot of folks in music and visuals are eagerly anticipating new Apple Silicon Macs and waiting to upgrade. The reality is, the existing M1-based Macs are already really, really fast. They’re speedy for at least basic video editing (and I mean basic at really high resolutions, at least before you add tons of effects). They’re fantastically fast for audio – some even running under Rosetta 2, though stability there can be a mixed bag. Not only Apple’s own massive Logic and MainStage suites are native, of course, but also stuff like Ableton Live (in beta) and a growing array of plug-ins.

But good as the M1 is, you’d still want to wait through at least Monday the 18th. Look at it this way – the last big Mac-focused event covering the M1 launch was roughly a year ago, also in fall. (The spring event added iMacs and a pretty new form factor, but the same chips.)

WWDC covered iOS and macOS in June.

September was about news for iPhone, iPad, and Watch.

Last fall iPhone was followed by Mac.

Yeah, it’s due. It’s time. We know that what we have in the Mac mini for instance is a really old form factor (love it as I do). We know that while the M1 is really powerful, it’s still consumer-focused when it comes to the amount of graphics processing cores and a 16GB RAM limitation – the graphics (and machine learning) side being a big deal for people doing visuals and digital art, memory being a really, really big deal for people trying to load things like large sample libraries.

Just remember, when that doesn’t happen and we do get iPhones for Dogs, I did also predict this. And really, I think maybe your dog was lying around with you during lockdowns and put on some weight because you were stressed, and wants to take advantage of new Apple Fitness+ Canine Subscriptions or catch up on special pet-themed TV programming and…

Sorry, I’ve been doing Apple events for a while.

I still think it should be called the M2, not the M1X, but that’s just my own opinion. See you Monday morning, Apple heads.

10 AM California time.