In a huge boon to coders and hackers, Resolume’s Arena, Avenue, and even modular Wires now all can be accessed as web servers. Want your smartphone to be able to dial into that visual creation? Now it’s easy.

Resolume dropped the new release quietly just before everyone went off to Christmas holidays and whatnot, as part of their 7.8 release. It’s really simple but powerful: with a REST API access via a web server, you just connect to the IP of your Resolume visual software. You have root directory access for working with media, and direct access to software parameters.

So just to get this straight – drop files onto the root server, trigger clips right over a browser, tweak effects again in a browser – yeah, wow. And yes, this does mean you can bypass stuff like OSC with something even a bit easier.

They’ve got basic documentation up with a video, plus there are examples to try out once you grab the new build. Put Wires and the REST API together, and you have some seriously rapid prototyping for immersive media. I’m in.

PS, if this is too heavy for your brain, they’ve also given away some nice holiday wrapping paper that … seems like it could be evergreen for other textural use (ooh, colors patterns!):