Look, I don’t want to say that Casio missed a marketing opportunity here and buried the lede on their awesomely bizarre singing robot keyboard. I’m just saying watch this video and you tell me.

It comes from Kazakhstan’s star Imanbek, and getting them one of these keyboards represents in my mind one of the greatest artist relations decisions in electronic music instruments in recent memory:

Here’s MASAAKI Enatsu going full robot pop, too. Yes. Honestly, if you want to compete with all those rave DJs, just bring a keyboard, and break into a live performance anthem in the middle of the set. It’ll probably fit on top of the CDJs. Hell, I’ll do it.

Please end the COVID pandemic. I was last in Japan staying in Shinjuku working on AI and I now badly, badly want to go back and work on singing AI. Miss y’all, Japanese friends.

But I for one welcome our new robot vocal overlords.