Ready to get started in modular – without spending any money? Or at the opposite extreme, ready to go way deeper in Reaktor Blocks and even integrate live coding with TidalCycles? I’ve got a tutorial for you…

Perfect for anyone wanting to dip their toes in, you can actually get started entirely for free – not just with free Blocks for Reaktor, but even running inside the free version of Reaktor. The ingredients:

  • Reaktor 6 Player + Blocks Base (totally free as part of KOMPLETE START)
  • Toybox Free Pack (also free)
  • Nano Pack (full version is currently on a flash sale… and there’s the free Nano Pack CE, too) Check

You might want to also consider the full version of Reaktor 6, though; it sure qualifies as desert-island software for me, even with some other software modular tools loaded.

Here’s the full article NI commissioned from me:

Free Blocks, live-coding, and more: Let’s explore Toybox Audio’s REAKTOR toolkits [Native Instruments Blog]

I’ve honestly been waiting to share it for a while, as I think it’s ideal for teaching. Since REAKTOR Player runs as a plug-in, this is also currently the only reasonably accessible way of teaching people modular inside another DAW without requiring a paid license.

Here’s what you’ll build:

In addition, there are two deep tools we get to mention as a kind of sidebar:

LiveCore, a full low-level graphical live coding patchable tool built in REAKTOR Core, open source and created by Toybox’s David Alexander and Lil Data (PC Music) aka Jack Armitage

Nano Pack with TidalCycles, the text live coding environment, for connecting Reaktor Blocks modular patching with Tidal live coding and exploding your head.

Anyway, enjoy!

I’m really keen to hear what CDM readers make of this, both as teachers and students. And let me know if you want more.