Of all the stuff made for KORG’s ‘logue platform, Corrosion is one of the most transformative, adding ten (!) distortion algorithms to your synth for just a few bucks. And you think your workday has some stress? Well, this epic new version was coded in Ukraine during Russia’s war on the country.

Support for ‘logue means you can run this on the KORG prologue, minilogue xd, or even the mega-affordable Nu:Tekt NTS-1 (the latter meaning you also have this as a pocket-able effect).

The new release leaps forward:

5 new algorithms. Parabolic, soft clip, sine clip, sine foldback, binary shred.

Higher maximum input gain.

Output gain self-leveling.

The distortion engine already incorporates 2x oversampling to reduce aliasing, and now fidelity is further improved in this release with a steeper downsampling filter.

Plus there’s an updated noise gate algorithm with an exponential release stage and a higher threshold for more corrosive action.

US$19 new, free upgrade from Corrosion v1.

Add that to existing features – full parameter mapping, built-in lag filters for smooth adjustment, and complete optimization for KORG hardware.

Check out some examples – more at the site below. Phat and gnarly:

And some more spectral complexity… as in inventing your own new acid genre:


You should grab Corrosion anyway if you have the hardware that supports it! But I mention that Artemiy is in Ukraine as he joins a number of developers across tech industries, from gaming to utility software, continuing to work on new software development and customer support from inside the country, even as they and their loved ones are under attack by Russia. I think they deserve our recognition and support.

Polygon recently reported on game developers in Ukraine. I’m a big fan of MacPaw’s software – especially the awesome Setapp suite – and that fully Ukraine-based developer has also been outspoken about the war. (By total coincidence, one of their employees showed up at a workshop I taught last year, so basically, it’s a small world.)

MacPaw also has a page asking for help.

Let’s stand with our friends and colleagues – keep doing our work, stay human, and keep supporting those inside Ukrainians inside and outside the country trying to do the same. They don’t have a choice to tune this out – we should use our privilege to make the choice to stay tuned in and active.

And then please crank up your synths, too – Corrosion to maximum.