Well, New York – city that once birthed CDM – I’m back this week. Come meet in person at 343 Labs on W 23rd St. Thursday night and I’ll talk about some experimental sound design techniques with modular and how they can fit techno, all using free tools. Free workshop, free software, no gear needed.

Here are the details – tomorrow Thursday:

NYC Masterclass: Freaky sounds you can dance to – An introduction to modular without any gear needed.

Free, but space is limited, so RSVP.

We actually have multiple free modular tools to work with – Reaktor Blocks, VCV Rack, Cherry Audio Voltage Modular Nucleus, Bespoke synth, and that’s before you even get into live coding and Unreal Engine and tools like that. But Reaktor Blocks is uniquely mature, and it’s great that the free version (via Komplete Start) works as a plug-in, plus you have an entire ecosystem of really terrific modules. I’ll build on the tutorial I built here – got some new sound stuff to share, too:

Free Blocks, live-coding, and more: Let’s explore Toybox Audio’s REAKTOR toolkits [Native Instruments]

Stick around Thursday night, and I’m also joining the lineup for Delivery. – a brilliant concept combining DJ sets and B2B with food.

We’ll be at Ms. Yoo, 163 Allen St. on the LES., right after the class up (well as we’re wrapping up, 7pm) until 11pm. I’m joining Delivery. co-founder PJay and Preethi.

Good to be back. CDM and I remain in Berlin, but hope to make it a more regular thing.