It all starts with a lounge track and field recordings of hermit crabs. Each track in this new outing by Tomer Baruch comes with gorgeous shots from underwater, so go full Jacques Costeau and fire up the hi-fi and a nice screen.

Oh yeah, and then call all your elected representatives and ask for climate action now.

But environmental action does require us to chill out and stay focused and active, so this calm, float-y record may be just what you need to do that.

The series began as a series of shorts, but Baruch is turning those into full albums – a nice creative process, actually. I was hoping for a bit more field recordings of the creatures, though they are scattered here and there – see link below. But maybe the more experimental album can come next. (Readers, you listening?)

Project description:

Synthesized Sounds of the Sea is an album of electronic music dedicated to creatures of the ocean. Dolphins and eels, jellyfish and starfish each get their own sonic palette in this musical exploration of marine life. Recorded using vintage and modern analog synthesizers, the album continues the popular web project Animals and Synthesizers, expanding the musical snippets of Instagram into full length tracks.

On Bandcamp – it all has a lovely retro-tinged but clean-and-current, mellow mood, colorful drifting arps like octopus tentacles…

Also on vinyl, via Qrates.

Video is the most fun way to dive in – full playlist:

Sometimes the synths themselves do seem to mimic ocean-produced sounds. But if you want the full nature-only soundtrack, here’s one starting point. Clearly, we need to do more on this. (Birds, by contrast, are well, well covered on Europe’s electronic scene – I want some other species, please!)