It’s still some of the most fun you can get with patching on a budget – KORG’s volca modular. But if you need some new ideas, Audio Wanderer has some cute ones.

Now, fair warning – the filtering on this video is what I would describe as “retro motion sickness-inducing.” I love the concepts though:

  • A cheap DIY modular cabinet to put it in – and it pairs nicely with that Pocket Operator
  • Passive CV mixer
  • Basic CV mixer
  • Light theremin
  • Drum synth

So let’s start a thread here – more ideas / hacks / mods ?

Thomann did a nice video recently, too:

Your best starting point I think is the story Francis Preve did for us. Honestly, calling this a “review” was probably not really right – it goes in-depth on each module with sound design ideas and tricks, so it’s as much a missing manual as it is a review.

But let’s keep going. It’s a neat and weird little package, and I’m always up for that. Comments welcome…