In the middle of the ongoing Partspocalypse in this industry, here’s one spot of very good news – the beloved boutique Synthstrom Deluge synth/sampler/sequencer gets a shiny new OLED display.

Buy a Deluge now? It has an OLED.

Want to retrofit your existing Deluge? You can do that, too – quite affordably, I might add. Now that’s a way to support customers. (They have a limited capacity of retrofits, though, so you might want to act quickly if you’re interested.)

Ian writes us from Wellington, NZ HQ with the news:

All Deluges shipped from today will feature a new OLED display.
Purchase, as always, through our site:

If any existing Deluge owner wants to join us in this new world of multiple lines of text and more than four letters on a screen at once, we made it so you can! for details

To reflect the cost and development associated with the new screen and the rising manufacturing costs in the synth industry, we’ll be raising the price of the Deluge incrementally over the next 12 months. for more about this.

It’s a really gorgeous instrument. If readers want to share some live sets or albums made with this, I’d love to share those. Sometimes there’s only so much you can say about the violin (it sure is made of wood and you definitely hold it under your neck!) Sometimes you need the violinist and the violin concerto. Fire away, please.

With that in mind, they have their own music label going. Enjoy: