The latest in DAW news: PreSonus’ Studio One has added a bunch of features, including improved collaboration and video scoring and some fun new devices. Here’s what’s new and what folks are saying.

Now, if you are going to upgrade, what you really need is … this studio, with wall-sized display. Time to work on the studio in your hollowed-out volcano lair!

“Is my monitor big enough now?” Mirrored floors also help accentuate your new display, though I’m concerned about electricity bills.

There’s a bunch of stuff in this feature, including some vaguely Apple Logic-like stuff: a Customization Editor for turning on and off features, project templates, and track templates. Arguably those do look like you they might actually be more useful in this implementation than Apple’s – the track presets also hook into collaboration, and project templates have a nicely-designed setup. Studio One is even taking on Logic’s notation features.

I’m going to go out on a limb, though, and guess these are the tools you’ll be most interested in.

Video Track lets you cut directly to picture, with basic editing of video, too – they recommend this for podcasts as well as scoring. You’ll need the Professional Edition.

PreSonus Sphere collaboration is improved with archiving, collaboration, and invites even for non-users.

And you get a bunch of new devices:

De-Esser for tackling sibilance in vocals and other high-frequency taming.

Vocoder with side-chain or internal carrier and a cute Music Easel-style patch matrix.

ProEQ 3 which – with dynamic mode has sort of morphed into a multiband dynamics processor.

Mixer Channels get two new features. First, I love this Mixer Channel Overview, which manages to put all your inserts, sends, and channel strip settings in one place without being quickly squashed (Logic) or clunky (Cubase) — apologies to our various friends in Hamburg. There’s also a right-click Fader Flip which lets you pop-up a particular bus right from the send on the channel fader – really clever.

This might be overkill in simpler mix settings, but for managing more complex sends and whatnot, it looks like a godsend.

Plus Alternative Panning Modes, updated browser favorites and folders, and a new start screen.

What, you don’t like my witty banter (or as some like to describe it “sprawling rambling partly-coherent prose)? Reading and all that? Here, have some videos, some of the sharpest YouTuber analysis:

Studio One 6 – what’s new

Mac and Windows, available as one-off purchase or subscription.