Okay, this is not a drill – time to hit the studio, load up all those firmware updates, hit the books, hone the chops, work on the tracks, finish the tracks and new jams. Invite friends (uh, once the chops are up). And so we’ve got a new Circuit Tracks update (the dark gray one) with musical workflow updates from Novation, right on the heels of the epic Circuit Rhythm update (the silver one). Go!

Circuit Tracks is now up to 1.2, and it’s mainly about arrangement (though that could also be how you jam with it live). You can store muted tracks with scenes (also recently added to Rhythm), which also means the ability to just trigger different mute states when you launch scenes.

All of that is downloadable from Novation Components. By the way, if you hadn’t gotten the memo, while Components is browser-based, it is also downloadable as standalone if you prefer. So the browser really is a great way to go for delivering these kinds of updates (cough), since it’s OS-independent and allows for easy refreshes. It also can still absolutely work in your basement studio where you barely get cell reception let alone some kind of Internet. Fret not.

Circuit Tracks 1.2 Firmware update

So the big stuff all came on Circuit Rhythm last month – expanding sampling and introducing the fairly wild idea of beat matching on the device:

But let’s make sense of this in case you’re puzzled by the two devices. Circuit Tracks seems the way to go if you’re looking to add a grid-based sequencer to your setup and like the Circuit workflow, for wrangling sequences and gear. Circuit Rhythm is all about adding sampling and beat matching.

And yeah, Novation has done a comparison:

Here’s some inspiration on the Circuit Tracks side of things:

On the Rhythm side, it seems y’all can’t get enough of the chill lo-fi beats how-to content, as Novation just posted another (following the one I mentioned last month). Have at it:

And hey, meanwhile if you have an OG Circuit, that box is still versatile and capable, too. So grid on and enjoy!