It’s been just over 30 years since Autechre released Artificial Intelligence on Warp. That’s getting a fresh re-release – and the duo are taking to Mixlr to celebrate. Got 330 minutes free?

The “1992 Contextual Mix” arrived just before New Year’s Eve, from Eno to 808 State:

Reposted here to give you a taste:

And, damn, Gerald, this sounds fresh as ever. I’d love to hear more of this kind of crisp production now; this may sound more 2023 than 2023 does (at least as far as my inbox), but it is, indeed, 1989.

Artificial Intelligence is not here to jump on the machine learning bandwagon – this is early 90s, deep in the so-called AI winter, when you’d be lucky to find a Markov chain.

But here it in all its glory, also sounding more 2023 than 1992 – viva humans!:


The Dice Man – Polygon Window 00:0005:12

Musicology – Telefone 529 05:1209:22

Autechre – Crystel 09:2214:00

I.A.O – The Clan 14:0019:08

Speedy J – De-Orbit 19:0825:21

Musicology – Premonition 25:2129:25

Up! – Spiritual High 29:2537:07

Autechre – The Egg 37:0744:41

Speedy J – Fill 3 44:4148:24

Dr Alex Paterson – Loving You Live 48:2452:25

Makes me want to head back to the studio. Or climb into a second virtual body and bliss out in an easy chair. Ideally, the balance of both.

Thanks, Warp and Autechre!