While speaking of developer Alexander Zolotov, aka WarmPlace (also the name of his 2005 album), here’s some rare footage of his unique tracker that came before SunVox.

It’s called PsyTexx and – wow. 12-channel sampler and pattern editor, effects (echo, filter, distortion, etc.) and Amiga MOD playback. Just watch:

Don’t throw away old devices. Give them new life. There’s no reason for these gadgets to join landfills when they’re powerful musical instruments.

And yeah, you can download this. It’s no longer supported, but I’m going to guess by the time you’ve dusted off an old Palm PDA and you’re downloading weird trackers for it, you’re okay doing things on your own.


Couldn’t resist this, as it gives me warm, fuzzy Palm memories – and fond memories of Ashley Elsdon’s incredible work on Palm Sounds, which began as a Palm music resource and grew to all mobile apps.

And yeah, maybe you should switch back for your mental health or whatever.