Live visual – VJ – media server tool Resolume gets another big update with a little version number. But we’re not just here to talk new and shiny: Resolume has al new set of tutorials for patching in their Wire modular environment, too. Spring semester is on the way.

Resolume 7.14 Arena / Avenue has a number of improvements baked in, including 300 fixes, according to the developer. In brief:

  • NDI improvements and performance optimizations
  • Wire: attribute flow, 2D meshes, translation and rotation flip, and improvements to how constructors and converters work
  • Grid Cloner – already opening up some generative / parameter-sculpting options, but also some nifty possibilities with Wire
  • Alley is now based on Vulkan, the next-gen API (supplanting OpenGL)

Oh yeah, and in the fixes list are some adjustments that mean a lot to CDM readers, like they’ve fixed MIDI and OSC timeline scrubbing and a number of AV- and Apple M1-related details.

Changelog and explanation on their blog:

Resolume 7.14.0 Released | NDI Improvements, Grid Cloner, Attribute Flow, 2D Meshes, Vulkan 🖖 Alley

It is a shame it’s not spelled Vulcan.

But these tutorials are great – and I think especially the cloner and flow type ones start to suggest some artistic possibilities.

Trigger is an easy and hugely-important one – and reveals that Resolume is made by VJs. That’s just as important when you’re on a tight deadline or want to make a music video without chewing through a month of time, I imagine.

The cloner is made in Wire, so you can make your own cloner however you like:

Flow types covers signal, event, and attribute:

Plus specifically Attribute Flow:

Constructors and converters, say what?

Here’s how Mesh2D fits into Wire now:

And lastly, let’s generate some random colors, even though this makes me feel like I’m in Hydra. (Hey, you can totally pipe Hydra into Resolume and really go wild!)

I love that Resolume are keeping up this pace and that they’re making tutorials that are so artist-friendly. Quality.

Let us know how you’re getting on with these and please feel free to write to brag about your new show / installation / whatever here on CDM, the world’s leading source for visual coverage with a three-letter acronym that confuses anyone you try to tell at a party.

Oh, and one more thing – Wire. Instancing. Course. Getting a little older now but worth revisiting.