“Check it out.” It’s just The Kids in the Hall‘s Bruch McColloch and a BOSS DR-660, “the hottest drum and percussion sounds.” “And the surprisingly low price makes this the best value of any drum machine on the market.” Now add one Bruce. Just watch.

(Um, yes, okay: disclosure. The writers’ strike combined with the fact that I couldn’t quite get into the Amazon Prime remake means I am rewatching The Kids in the Hall.)

Oddly enough, I’m not sure the official Roland video for the 660’s 1999 followup, the DR-770, is any less parody than the sketch. That animation. “Whoa, the doctor is in.”

“Steve, what makes this product so incredibly cool?”

But are people bringing boxes like the 660 back to life? Heck, yes.

And there are tutorials:

And doing restoration.

And then wonderful things are happening.

Landfills, you are no match for the music world.

Can you dig it?

BOSS DR-660 at Reverb.com

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Want an insanely detailed history of Roland gear (including BOSS) that I helped work on? Check out Bjooks hardcover – I’m really proud of this one, among many writing projects I’ve worked on over the years:


And yeah, I did work on the DR spread. I sometime wake up in the middle of the night shouting Roland product models.