Conway’s Game from Nervous Squirrel brings the cellular automaton “Life” to Eurorack form – complete with an 8×8 matrix of jacks, one for each cell.

That gives this module an astonishing 64 independent trigger outputs – you’ll have to work out just how to wire up that spaghetti. There’s also a MIDI input, which means this doubles as a MIDI to trigger converter. (You set the mode via a MIDI / LIFE switch at the top). Outs also can be set to either trigger or gate.

Pricing is 420 – 440 GBP, depending on where you live. It’s a lovely rendition of the legendary 1970 creation by mathematician John Conway Horton. All the details:

And here is a whole lot of them at once for a 40 x 16 matrix, or 640 triggers. You’re going to need a lot of patch cables.

This is great, but I’m equally fascinated by The Nervous Squirrel’s other creations, many one-offs. There’s a Furby Helmet (made as a wedding present), a giant trailer synth, something with a crocodile head, and if the Game of Life isn’t doing it for you, a module that generates CV and gate from the activity of uranium ore. And more