It’s the musical invention that “should not exist, but does.” Keysette is an unholy combination of the 80s and 90s worst cheap synth technology with the worst cassette adapter technology and – is kind of impossible not to love.

Everything from packaging to industrial design to general awfulness makes the Keysette seem like some strange vintage find – cursed electronics in a $1 store or Goodwill. But the description on legboot acknowledges that it’s an art project limited to five editions. Now, sure, terrible Radio Shack package design does have some distinctive characteristics, but it’s kind of amazing how well they nailed it. Probably the only giveaway that it’s art and not real is the instruction to users to “enjoy rad tunes.” (Well, that and “OTHER SONG.”)

How many people would want such a thing? Well, uh… three, so far. (Two of the limited run of five remain.)

Check the video in the tweet.

I can’t really make fun, as I own one of these, which is a real product:

In fact, I was already thinking of doing a round-up of Unlikely and Horrible Cassette Music Inventions. Your nominations welcome.

Meanwhile, marvel at this design:

Thanks to my sister Anne for this one.