Another holiday in the USA means another day of deals on music tech. Here are a few of the best discounts for stuff we like.

Story will be updated through the day, so feel free to send any we missed.

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Pictured at top: Buchla 200 crew, courtesy a history by Perfect Circuit. Why? Because –

Perfect Circuit

Perfect Circuit has a 4th of July sale all week. Non sale-items are 10% off with SUMMER10.

Pro Audio is on sale, including the DF Audio Patchwork that your studio probably needs, if it looks like mine.

Lots of synths and accessories on sale, including some serious highlights:

SOMA’s Lyra-8 synth for $100 off (or Rumble of Ancient Times for $144.99)

Roland TR-8S for $699

Erica Synths’ Pico System III, which I think is a terrific intro to modular – or inexpensive add-on to a bigger modular system. Full system, $479.

Teenage Engineering OP-Z Ultimate Set, with all the add-ons and extras that make it actually useful and fun, for $699 – 25% off.

Plus a Suzuki Q-Chord for 30% off.

And most alarmingly for our wallets, they’ve got a lot of Eurorack on sale. Highlights:

Tiptop Audio’s Buchla 266t Source of Uncertainty for US$249. (Yeah, this makes me tempted to just ship this to my parents’ house in America.)

Miso Modular’s Cornflakes Granular Sampler

XAOC Timiszoara DSP FX

Joranalogue Step 8 step sequencer

Instruo Saïch quad oscillator

Doepfer A-111-6, the all-in-one voice

Plum Audio OCP x 3U Ornament & Crime, one of the nicer versions of that

And even the mighty Erica Synths – Liquid Sky Dada Noise System II is available for over $500 off


Expected something massive with US flags or something from the Indiana retailer, but there’s not – these caught my eye, though:

PreSonus Eris E7 XT 6.5″ powered studio monitors are US$149 each, which make a nice deal for a starter or project studio. Various other powered monitor deals, too.

BOSS RE-2 delay/reverb, which is a pretty decent Space Echo model in a pedal, is $40 off.

Roland SP-404MKII, which was hard to get at launch, is now $60 off – $499 is a steal for a pretty major upgrade to the 404. It’s a way of life, practically. (Bonus in my book if you replace a DJ deck with this!)

BOSS Loop Station RC-505 is $100 off right now, for the other iconic looping thing Roland does.

Universal Audio’s Volt 476P USB-C interface is a nice enough box in a handsome case, but now you get a bunch of plug-ins with it through end of August – these are native plug-ins, so unlike the old UAD stuff, you don’t have to have the box plugged in to use them. You get the excellent PolyMAX Synth, Oxide Tape Recorder, Century Tube Channel Strip, Pure Plate Reverb, Galaxy Tape Echo.

Moog Grandmother is $250 off, for $999. That gets tempting, for sure. And you get it with a bundled Moog dust cover for $50 more or Decksaver for $100.

Elektron’s Octatrack MKII is $100 off.

Plugin Boutique

Some flash and other sales on over at Plugin Boutique:

SSL Native Bus Compressor is 91% off, for I think one of the best bus compressors out there

Sonnox Oxford Inflator, a sort of magical tool for mastering dynamics, is 74$ off

Softube Overstayer M-A-S, probably the best saturation tool out there (and great on kicks) is steeply discounted

PSP VintageWarmer2

Eventide’s unique transient/tonal SplitEQ

Baby Audio Summer Sale is on through July 20

Just-out Bitwig Studio 5 is 20-25% off

Plus more deals, and for a while you can get Baby Audio’s Comeback Kid free.

Toybox Audio sale and a new free pack

I’m a huge fan of this crew, and they have a full 60% off sale for their excellent Reaktor Blocks modules – virtual modular for Reaktor, including the free Reaktor Player. (Meaning you don’t have to have a Reaktor license for these.)


And now they’ve got a free version of the Toybox Tangle Pack. Their free editions are a great way to get started, actually, because they give you a more manageable number of modules to learn first. Then when you’re ready, you can upgrade.


Apogee Audio has 40-60% off all their software, and a 20-60% off sale on b-stock hardware.

Sugar Bytes

The wonderful Sugar Bytes has a sale on all their iPad apps and all their other software, through July 4.

Orchestral Tools

Orchestral Tools has 50% off libraries and a full 70% off their Grand Tour bundle now. Plus you can go read this interview with Max Knoth I worked on with them, including a lot of gear pr0n and a cute handmade “synth” by his son.

HoRNet Plugins

Italian developer HorNet’s stuff is on a 70% off sale this week. Also through July 5, you can grab the SW34EQ MK2 for free, which takes you back to a big, cosy 80s console (they modeled it after one in Siena).


Speaking of free, their perpetually-free HoRNet Magnus Lite is a solid brickwall limiter and clipper – easy to read, simple, transparent, and supports every plug-in format (including Apple Silicon) which is not true of some free alternatives. (I know, as I just coincidentally added this to my machine):

HoRNet Magnus Lite

More added through the day.