It’s like the modular rig you’d have on a Galaxy-class starship. sqsl (Seqsual) Canvas gives you sophisticated touch-strip control of your Eurorack modular with snapshot storage and recall and more. And it’s free (in this initial/base version).

Developer Miso creates this one. It’s already quite capable, though you do need to have an Expert Sleepers ES-8 or ES-9 module as the audio interface at least for now. (Theoretically, any class-compliant audio interface with DC coupling could work, though the Expert Sleepers have the edge of lots of I/O. And Miso says that more interface support might be coming; this first release is partly to gauge interest.)

Once connected, you have bidirectional CV connectivity to your Eurorack. Eight touch strips output CV on separate channels to your modular – plus a global gain control / inversion. Best of all, you can store “frames” (snapshots of settings), trigger those snapshots, crossfade between them with touch, and even use external CV input back from the modular to modulate transitions.

Basically, it all turns your iPad into the ultimate preset storage and morphing module, and might even warrant buying the ES-8 or ES-9 in place of modules dedicated to that task as – frankly, this already looks like a more practical solution.

It’s all explained at the site:

Miso also tells us they’re planning other modes – sequencer, clock, etc. – as future In App Purchases. This is one to watch.

By the way, if we’ve got your attention and you don’t have the necessary hardware, the same developer also came up with this evocative night sky MIDI controller app, which will work with basically anything you want. That app also has clever quantization and preset features, and I have to admit I didn’t look closely enough at all it could do at first glance:

And see also the dron/soundscape sequencer – MIDI controller Latch:

Or the “wave interference” sequencer Puzzle. Or the “conceptual ambient” sequencer Temp. You get the idea.

Having pointed out how cool this is, I think I’ll actually try the MIDI sequencers with iPad, as they have a lot of the same functionality and I do have a MIDI interface in my Eurorack that works, even if i lack the audio-CV solution.

Here’s a look at Canvas in action:

And the other sequencers: