Alex Ball deconstructs some of the best-known synth sounds from The Prodigy in a new, long-form video. You’re sure to find some inspiring takes on how to use these instruments, even if you aren’t trying to duplicate those sounds.

This one was clearly made with love; there’s a bunch of detail in there. Play it like you’re Liam Howlett:

I say “original hardware,” but of course you’ve got plenty of viable software replacements. Direct from KORG and Roland alone, that includes:

KORG Prophecy plug-in for Mac and Windows (as seen in the video, in fact)

Roland Cloud for TB-303, and JD-series sounds

Strictly speaking, while Roland Cloud has an excellent 303, it doesn’t have a JD-990 – at least not yet. But the Legendary Collection does contain two (!) versions of the JD-800 on which the 990 was based, which gets you close. (I think I recall The Prodigy had a JD-800, too. Okay, yes they did.) Or better yet, look into the XV-5080, which incorporates the 990’s architecture and waveforms in an expanded instrument.

See some bonus videos below for those plug-in offerings. Obviously, for the 303, you have a lot of third-party choices, as well, outside Roland.

On to the songs included here:

And more on the software: