As if in a popcorn rom com, the love match you knew had to happen from the moment they met is finally here. You can now run four fantastic Sinevibes effects on KORG prologue / minilogue xd / NTS-1: Hollow, Isomer, Luminance, and Vibrant for your ensemble, reverb, and phaser needs.

These are some of Sinevibes best-loved effects, so this is big news:

That can utterly transform the sound of the prologue and minilogue xd. And it makes the NTS-1 even more appealing as a budget multi-effect – including in Euro form now or other cases, of course.

The reason this is on those keyboards/NTS-1 is, this returns to the original ‘logue SDK. So drumlogue owners, you’ll have to wait a bit for more on that (admittedly deeper and more powerful) SDK side. I honestly wouldn’t have expected to see these on the first-gen ‘logue, to be honest, if Artemiy hadn’t given us a heads-up first.

Just listen:

It’s really beautiful to think back to what Artemiy predicted in 2019. (It would also be really nice to take a little holiday back to 2019, on so many levels, if anyone has a free TARDIS. But at least now we have these plug-ins?) Anyway, well predicted, Artemiy – look how much Sinevibes has managed to build on this technology.

By the way, for NTS-1 fans – one of the Eurorack mods we mentioned added much-needed Eurorack-level output (without which that really didn’t make any sense, so good to see). As sent to me and some other outlets:

“First off, we wanted to say thank you for supporting our conversion kit and sharing it with the world. We are beyond grateful. The positive response to our conversion kit has been incredible! We’ve listened to everyone’s feedback, and one request stands out: EURORACK OUTPUT LEVELS.

We want to let everyone know that we hear them, and we’re excited to announce that the next NTS-1 drop will feature an AMPED OUTPUT version at the same price. For our first customers, we are providing a new plug and play power unit which will contain the noise isolator and an amp for them to replace their current power module, it’s the same size and all they have to do is pay shipping.”