Social media is boring; news is depressing. Open up a browser tab and distract yourself from work with this acid bassline generator instead. It’s free, you can store patches online, and you can even download MIDI files for use with your DAW, plug-in, or hardware bass synth of choice.

We’re all huge fans of STING by SKINNERBOX, the free Max for Live device that generates acid patterns. This is basically that concept, in your browser – meaning you don’t have to open (or own) Live. As with the Skinnerbox creation, clicking the smiley face (or pressing the G key) generates a new pattern, and you can adjust pattern length and density. One difference in operation versus this and STING (or plug-ins like ACID V) – density settings only impact the pattern when you generate it; you can’t adjust afterwards.

This Web implementation adds some extras (Iftah, maybe for STING 2 or STING PRO?):

  • Graphical UI for displaying steps, including lanes for slide and accent. (not editable yet – embrace the randomness)
  • Separate density controls for accents and slides (great idea!)
  • Scale mapping, with various western modes (plus some version of the Bhairav raga…)
  • Playback with filter and delay send (built in  Tone.js)
  • Cloud saving
  • MIDI pattern downloads
  • Generative titles (I am weirdly amused by this)

There are some interesting ideas on the TODO list, too, so full support. Plus there’s the notion of porting this to the awesome Mod Dwarf pedal, which I’d love!

Try it now:

Repository (with some other nice JavaScript and geomapping goodies and whatnot):

Thanks to developer Lubomir Panak for sending your work.