Intellijel has still more surprises for Eurorack users. This time, it’s all about effects. For guitar/bass pedal integration, there’s Stomp. And then Sealegs is a sprawling dubby stereo multi-effects that incorporates a bunch of vintage delay sounds in one fader-covered unit.

And yeah, for anyone who still thinks Eurorack is just about noodle-y endless out-of-tune synth step sequences, I mean, sure, you can do that if you want. But you also have some options for a skiff of any size to be a powerful effects rig.


Let’s talk Stomp first, as this is pretty easy to grok – give them $199 and 8HP, and you have an easy way to integrate stompboxes and Eurorack. Honestly, Intellijel talks about people with massive racks or massive pedalboards but – this looks equally useful for someone on a budget with just a couple useful stomp effects and a handful of modules.

What they’ve done that’s clever is all down to the details. There’s a triode emulator on the return, for tube-style overdrive if you crank the gain (or not, if you don’t…) Send is normaled through return, so you can also color your Eurorack signals through the FET stage.

Oh yeah, and it’s a piezo pickup if you want (high input impedance), though I think that’ll be more useful for acoustic instrument piezos than the DIY sort, which benefit from a dedicated circuit design. (We’ve found that was true in the little piezo preamp we did with MeeBlip as a workshop-only kit.)

Everything is on there:

  • 1/4″ jacks for send, return, and expression pedal
  • Expression input
  • LFO
  • Run modulation from Eurorack to stompbox expression output – so you can use all your modular modulation for your pedal
  • Plug your guitar/bass into the return, so you can run it through your Eurorack effects and modulation
  • Send and return controls, which you can crank for overdrive
  • Instrument / line switch
  • Protected inputs to reduce RF interference (which is why you probably don’t want to just use any “input” module for this – and some of them are frankly generally noisy as hell, too)

That’s even a fraction of everything they’ve squeezed in there – and yet it’s not a complex module to operate, either. This is definitely going to be a hot item for bass and guitar players, but I think anyone with a couple of stompboxes lying around the studio is going to be tempted, just because of those expression modulation features.

I’m still 100% for small modular rigs and not blowing the budget. This kind of tool is just great.

Stomp: Effects Pedal Send/Return w/Expression Control & LFO [intellijel]

And Stomp is available from Sweetwater and Perfect Circuit along with your favorite local retailers.

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Intellijel Stomp Effects Send/Return with Expression Control Eurorack Module [Sweetwater]

Stomp Effects Pedal Send + Return [Perfect Circuit]


I pondered putting this into two separate stories, but there really is a throughline here – these are smart ways to put studio-style effects processing into a rack.

Sealegs is a full 20HP and US$439, but what you get is a complete 70s-style stereo multi-effects studio in there. There are three delay circuits in one – Tape, Bucket Brigade, and Crossfading Digital (so one whose delay time you can move around without making sweeping sounds).

Intellijel showing off Sealegs with those new 1U filter modules:

And again, loads and loads of extras:

  • Per-model color, modulation behavior, saturation/limiting
  • Separate left/right buffers for real stereo, with ping-pong, time/width, or left/right configurations
  • Three range variations so you can make this a chorus/flanger or a spaced-out long “ambient” repeat with a few seconds of total delay time possible
  • Modulator: wow & flutter, envelope follower, 7 morphing wave shapes
  • “Lush 70s-inspired” reverb with three insert positions
  • Saturating input drive with level trim
  • External clock sync (delay time or modulation) or tap tempo
  • Highpass and lowpass filters so you can filter repeats
  • Freeze for buffer and looping
  • Nine CV inputs with attenuverters
  • 96 kHz 24-bit Stereo I/O and 32-bit floating point internal processing

And yeah, for extra 70s-effect, you can even add noise to taste (with different modes).

It’s interesting to contrast this to the GHOST which I reviewed – see link below. So the GHOST approach: shimmer reverb, extra distortion, sidechaining, big filter knob. What I like about the Intellijel option, at least as a first take – different vintage delay models, an easier-to-follow panel layout and CV locations with all those faders, and basically a more 70s-ish, studio-precise alternative. You still get saturation on this, though not all the ear-bleeding distortion on the option. It’s great to have two options for stereo effects that take a different angle like that (among others). And you sure can squeeze a lot of effects processing value into Eurorack, in a way that’s very price-competitive with even some of the higher-end desktop hardware effects.

Thanks to Mylar Melodies for sending CDM their video, too! Great to watch:

So let us know what you think!

Sealegs is also available from retailers, including some special financing for this one from Sweetwater:

If you buy something from a CDM link, we may earn a commission.

Intellijel Sealegs Multimode Stereo Delay Eurorack Module [Sweetwater]

Sealegs Stereo Delay + Reverb [Perfect Circuit]

Previously, in a hands-on review of some stereo effects from the other side of the Atlantic… and like I said, these are really different, particularly with the update – but that’s what I like about having choices! GHOST at Perfect Circuit

If you buy something from a CDM link, we may earn a commission.