“You’re gonna need a bigger boat?” This should qualify – a whopping 208HP with 4 zones, ready-to-run (just add modules), 7U, with the 1U rail containing a bunch of utility goodies preinstalled. It’ll cost you, of course, but Make Noise has made a case to eat Chicago. And it still has a handle and a cover that fits over cables, so you can patch up and lug it to the gig in Chicago, too.

Let’s run the numbers here.

  • Total HP: 208 @ 3U, 104 @ 1U
  • Power: +12VDC @ 4A, -12VDC @ 2.4A and +5VDC @ 1A
  • Powder-coated metal construction, matte black (matching their Black & Gold modules)
  • Removable lid which closes when fully patched

Importantly, you can carry this on most airlines, according to Make Noise. (Europe is a bit stricter with carry-ons, so I’ll have to look into that one. Then again, Europe, we should really be taking trains… and at least this looks like it’ll manage the dreaded Deutsche Bahn Regio and EC!)

On 1U rail (preinstalled):

  • Big distributed mult with LED indicators (green/red for output level and polarity)
  • Votage Math with two-input summer & attenuverter
  • L/R line in
  • L/R and stereo line out (+headphone)
  • Limiting circuit and indicator
  • Volume knob

New in this versus the previous 7U Make Noise case?

  • Entirely new bus design, with four zones (Make Noise tells us “both in terms of the amount of power it is able to supply and its unique 4 Zone distribution, which allows for modules to be isolated from one another across four Zones to limit noise and crosstalk.”)
  • New Voltage Math section
  • New Line Driver section

The approach to 1U here is a little different than the Palette line I’ve praised from Intellijel (which is also worth a look). There’s some advantage to having an open 1U rail you can patch as you will, even if that can mean you have to take out modules when you change something in order to cram your hand in the 1U space. And the open approach is how 1U originators Intellijel do it.

But here as on their previous cases and systems, Make Noise are populating the 1U themselves with their CV Bus. You get Voltage Math – a two-input summer, one which stays at unity and one which has an attenuverter. There’s a Stereo Line Driver for line output, something you always need. And you get minijack inputs, volume control, left and right outs, and a stereo line/headphone out jack.

The upshot of that – your rig will always output line level, and you can check what you’re doing with headphones (in case you’re listening in before a gig or take your modular home).

Funny enough I have the 3U version of that same module, more or less (XOH output interface) in my much smaller Intellijel case; it’s handy to have.

This isn’t just a big case. It’s also a four-zone case – meaning it isolates modules from one another across for zones with separate buses for each. That’s a big deal, because it allows you to isolate noisy modules. You know who you are, dear modules; some of you are damn dirty and noisy.

On the power side, you’ve got a locking connector, universal AC adapter, recessed on/off switch on the side, and hybrid switched/linear power for “low noise and excellent load regulation.”

There’s also the option of a steel stand; it has rubber feet on it already.

US$949, available this month.


Official info:


Where to buy:

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Perfect Circuit carries this one:

4-Zone CV Bus Case – 7U / 104HP

Plus there’s the stand:

Make Noise Blued Steel System Stand – Stand for Large Eurorack Cases [Perfect Circuit]

Make Noise Blued Steel System Stand – Stand for Large Eurorack Cases [Sweetwater]

Sweetwater has the predecessor of this case, which will save you a little money but lacks the four independent zones and extra line in/out and maths functions:

7U CV Bus Case Eurorack Case

If you just want more space and don’t have a lot of money, though, Make Noise also has one of the better buys for a 104HP case. Think of it as having one of these buses, basically:

Make Noise Skiff Eurorack Case with Power Supply [Sweetwater]

Skiff Powered Eurorack Case – 104HP [Perfect Circuit]

PS – there is a really interesting story behind the “bigger boat” line from Jaws.