Call it GeertRack. Inventor/developer Geert Bevin (uwyn), also known for work on the Moog apps, has been 3D-printing modular cases that are themselves modular. And yes, there’s a can holder. Here’s a first look.

What “modular” normally means these days, of course, is taking one standard, fixed rack and bolting modules in with screws. Geert’s solution – built around his AJH MiniMod system – turns that notion on its head. No fixed rack. No screws, even. Each module goes in its own box and you attach those together.

That’s obviously not the best solution for every use case, but it’s a cool idea. And it could work well for instances where you want to swap modules in and out without constantly reaching for the screwdriver or finding you have the wrong amount of free horizontal space available (HP).

Here’s how it works:

  • No screws; slot in each module and snap a cover in place
  • Removable back for access to connectors
  • You’ll need power, of course – here, it’s a 4ms Row Power module and a bus cable with multiple connectors
  • Cute – those are cable holders for storing your 3.5mm patch cables
  • Can holder for your soda / seltzer / beer (compliant with both American and international can diameter standards!)

I’d been following this on Mastodon (as we do now in 2023 – Geert is also on BlueSky). And now there’s a forum post welcome comments. I’m sure the CDM reader audience can suggest some good ideas.

First finished 3D printed Eurorack case + can holder bonus [uwyn forum]

…and more details on how the design process went

How this is released is currently up for discussion, but figured we could put this out there and see how you respond.

I’m also curious in general, as I have access to some 3D printers at the moment – who out there has 3D printed Eurorack cases or other accessories? Any especially good finds? Anything missing that you’d like?

Hmm, I could go for A Cold One about now.