This week only, Puremagnetik is giving away their beautiful Voculon 3000 – a “retro-futuristic” vocal machine that can bring you into some alternate timeline, at least for a little while.

The technique here is actually repitch synthesis – I think inspired equally by 1960s tape-based sound designs and Mellotron as by some of the pleasing results you get out of just mucking with samples. It’s ready to play, and thoroughly enjoyable.

The sample files are in there, too, so you can drop this into any software or gear. But there are also tastefully constructed machines to use in Ableton Live (as a Pack), Kontakt (with custom KSP UI), and Logic (for EXS24, which is now known as just “Sampler”).

Each of these comes with its own controls for tweaking and mixing and matching settings. The Live Pack in particular has a load of controls and Devices – and if you’re on Logic, Smart Controls are there (which also means easy iPad control).

Here are the Logic and Kontakt versions:

And here’s Logic, with Smart Controls at bottom – just instantiate EXS24 / Sampler, and then you’ll see Puremagnetik’s bank show up in the Library:

I just grabbed it and you get these wonderful, versatile synthetic sounds – with enough options that you can easily drop this into some track that surely wants it.

Voculon 3000 | A Retro-Futuristic Vocal Machine [puremagnetik]

Puremagnetik has been doing almost too much stuff to cover lately – for example, check their Taska modulation board. If I can somehow figure out how to catch up with all the goodness, I will. But yeah, I can wholeheartedly say click yes on that mailing list if you’re into this stuff.