If you’re ready to make visuals for music using Bitwig Studio and powerhouse dataflow 3D/generative tool TouchDesigner, here are free videos and a free workshop today. Yo dawg, it’s a modular tool for your modular DAW that connects to your modular visual tool so you can modulate mod makings with your modules while you modulate.

First up: Polarity Music has made a two-part feature of video for working with Bitwig Studio and TouchDesigner. That includes first working with interfaces, so you can create custom screen-based tools for interacting with music:

For a lot of folks, the big use case is reactive visuals – especially with music videos, visualizations, and motion for music making a comeback. (At least, I think it might be making a comeback, after that period when it seemed we were all just meant to make music in complete darkness, erm, Autechre and Berghain.)

This is a great hands-on:

That’s a good primer, but it’s always useful to see how different folks work. Today Thursday, there’s a free lesson on making synced AV work by Stanislav Glazov, who also runs Hou2Touch integrating Houdini. I expect some advanced visuals there and plenty to learn.

Sign up (and I think this will also be streamed on YouTube):


They’ve also posted a how-to on working with machine learning in TouchDesigner.

Previously, our run-down of how this feature works (ha, and I like the request for TDReaper in comments – sounds good to me):