Drum machine November continues. Erica Synths also dropped big updates for not one but two of their drum machines. Here’s what’s new, in case you missed it late last week.

On the mighty Pērkons HD-01 – chromatic input over MIDI! And digital noise… V1.1 includes:

  • Chromatic MIDI note input
  • MIDI note velocity input
  • Digital Noise algorithm (with timbre and amplitude envelope attack time)
  • Inverse ODDS behavior option (so odds of a step only play on the opposite of what’s set. That’s “odds,” yes, not some acronym meaning Optical Digital Displacement System – this isn’t Roland.)
  • FX parameters can save with KIT (option for BBD settings)
  • Improved trigger/MIDI note recording accuracy.

And LXR Drum – the module version, not the desktop – got a 1.5 update, too:

  • Autosave
  • Drum preview (SHIFT + DRUM)
  • Performance mute
  • Drum name display
  • Morph kit name display

And a whole heck of a lot of fixes. See the changelog.

That actually seems to include some stuff not on the original LXR-02 – though see its 1.6 firmware update from late last year. I’d like to see some of that come to the desktop version.

These are both easily two favorite drum machines, though. Don’t overlook the LXR – especially now that you can also stick it in a modular rig, which opens up tons of modulation for that engine. Both of them can sound utterly devastating.