Mixer madness in Eurorack continues. ALM’s MFD features 2-channel stereo mixing with crossfader (on a knob), preview cue, and voltage control, so it’s also a stereo VCA.

So, yes, 2023 is the year of the Eurorack mixer – but this makes a nice addition. Input two stereo signals (or mono for each, via L), then mix to a single stereo output. You can control that output via voltage control, making this double as a stereo VCA.

The DJ-style functionality comes in because you have approximately equal power crossfading. Since this is only 6HP, they’ve wisely put that on a big dial rather than a horizontal crossfader, which suits me fine.

They’ve also fit cue output switches, so you can preview either input. Now, the bad news is they did not add a headphones output, but rather separate left and right outs. But you could use something like their HPO output… or you may already have a headphone out on your rig, like Intellijel’s 1U Headphones module. And the other advantage is, this opens up some other applications, like working with this as a panner. (The answer to this is typically “what fit on the board,” of course!)

They’ve got some other ideas in their video, too, so this can open up to more than just the obvious:

ALM/Busy Circuits MFD

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MFD Stereo Crossfader [Perfect Circuit]

Some competition: It’s going to be more HP, but for a really DJ style mix setup, check out ginkosynthese’s BATTLE – thanks, Youri Hectors, for the tip! (Details on the presale page; various versions available as kits or premade on the ginkosynthese site.)

Happy Nerding’s Dual Xfade also has a compelling approach – two split crossfaders, each with voltage control, which offers up both mono and stereo crossfading and some other options (similar to the ones here). And there’s Mazzatron SLIDE, too, with mute and sample & hold. But it’s tough to beat the clean layout of the MFD, which also looks really accessible in live situations even once patched, plus the cue out. Thanks, Benjamin Al Parker.