Dirtywave’s dedicated tracker hardware is getting a hardware refresh – including a built-in mic for sampling. Here’s what’s new.

Almost every major element of the physical hardware design of the M8 Tracker is getting some love here. Preorders are open now, with the product expected to ship in May 2024.

The “brains” are the same, says Dirtywave, but with new physical features:

  • New design out of machined aluminum
  • New 3.5″ IPS TFT display (the original had 2.8″)
  • Up to 12 hours of battery life
  • Built-in microphone for sampling
  • USB-C connection

You don’t see firmware features because both the original Model:01 and new Model:02 will get continued updated features, “identical … with different download links.” It certainly looks attractive, though for now we only get renders.

You get everything in the box: “a soft microfiber bag, travel case, USBC cable, MIDI TRS-A to MIDI DIN adapter, and a 64GB microSD card with song demos, presets, and samples.”


M8 Tracker Model:02 Preorder

Dirtywave holds regular meetups on Discord, which are archived, as well. (Curious how you feel about Discord, readers!)

And here you go, have some M8 live performance action. I’m partial to this techno set:

Or for something more diverse / rave-y in spots, hear’s Nullsleep: