Online collaborative app and platform Endlesss will terminate at the end of May, rendering the apps and services inaccessible. In a statement, Endlesss tells users to download and archive all content.

It’s a sobering reminder of the flipside of music software-as-service – if the service terminates, the tool itself becomes non-functional, and it’s your responsibility to archive materials. At the same time, some of what Endlesss offered – seamless collaboration with others and online connection – really can’t be provided without a service. So you’ll also see users lamenting the loss of that capability. I heard overwhelming feedback from folks that having a tool like Endlesss allowed them to find collaborators when they otherwise would be isolated.

Updated:, which was acquired by ROLI, is also sunsetting within a few days of Endlesss:

We regret to inform you that will be closing. Thank you all for your creative contributions to the community over the years. Please ensure that you have downloaded all of your collaborative projects using the sync function in the Blend desktop app by Tuesday, 4 June 2024. We appreciate your support and understanding.

Users are largely supportive. What Endlesss offered really did connect with people. It seems like there remain opportunities in this field if someone can find a way to link a sustainable business in production tools to an appealing service option for connections.

The (moderately) good news is, digitally is fairly easy, and gives you stems you can use anywhere.

All the best to Tim and the team for an incredible tool, a leap forward, and making an impact at a time when connection has been so badly needed.

Here’s their complete statement, as posted to their social media (reproduced here in text, because I don’t particularly trust X to stay up, either).

We announce today, with heavy hearts, that Endlesss Ltd will cease operations at the end of May.

In what ways will this affect the apps you use and the music you make with them? Servers and apps are live until the end of the month. These services will cease to operate on Friday, 31st May. Endlesss’ apps will no longer be accessible after this date.

Due to this, we strongly recommend that users begin archiving their music immediately. Rifffs can be downloaded from the app using the ‘share’ function and selecting to export stems or video output. These options can also be found in the Rifff journal.

We want to extend our sincere thanks to all of you. There was a huge passion behind this project that many of you shared, creating a community rich with talent and friendship.

Endlesss has produced incredible moments and lifelong connections, both online and in real life. We feel honoured to have contributed to the development of an app that has gathered such a loyal following.

We understand that many of you will be very disappointed to see the end of this journey. As a team we feel the same way. Many of the team members started out as users of the app and saw huge potential in its ability to facilitate musical creativity and collaboration.

We remain committed to the vision of collaborative music making, and are grateful for you joining us on this journey. With love, Team Endlesss 7/7

Endlesss users, let us know how you’re taking the news, if you’re considering alternatives, and what you would want to see in this area.