Call it a Source of Sequences. Like the classic Buchla Source of Uncertainty, the Gamut Repetitor makes use of generative voltage and randomness. But it’s scaled and quantized for making triggers and voltages that you can generate continuously or loop – for far more than just chaos.

Sequencing is a perpetual challenge in the modular world, partly because the more control you add, the more space you take up, and the more complex patching and interface can become. What you get sometimes is either total randomness or endless repeating loops. That gives you the phenomenon that turns many people off from modular. I can sing the results of both for you here – read along with me – doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot [listener gets lost in noodles; runs from room, exit stage left].

Gamut Repetitor is a nice, flexible-looking solution for this, all in 10HP.

The basic idea here is, you begin by generating random voltages, but can then continuously generate more or loop – with custom length. Those loops can be set up to 32 steps for varying patterns, and advancing and loop reset are each controllable with voltage inputs. You also have internal quantization, with 27 selectable scales and a tweakable “spread” control.

See the scale options illustrated:

Unfortunately, this lacks the ability to set custom tuning tables outside 12-TET – and since you’re sending voltage rather than note messages like MIDI, you’re a bit stuck with that. Then again, I’m rather interested in some of the modulation and rhythmic generation possibilities of this, so I’m not quite ready to say that’s a deal-killer yet.

Full specs:

  • Generative sequencer with four channels
  • Internal quantizer with 27 selectable scales
  • Continuously generate or loop random voltages
  • Loops can be up to 32 steps long
  • Generate CV and trigger patterns
  • 100% CV-controllable interface
  • Run with a single clock or advance channels separately

MSRP US$370, shipping today.

Gamut Repetitor

Available from Perfect Circuit:

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Gamut Repetitor Quad Looping Random Generator (Black)