Speaking of Kenya and things happening this week, yesterday Kenya’s fiercely creative producer SLIKBACK dropped some 22 new tracks. Vinyl just arrived, but you can also soak in these in digital – either way, you have to hear them.

It’s hard to know even how to classify SLIKBACK, as he tapdances between genres. What you can say is, he’s always got the pedal to the metal. Recent tracks will bump and swell up against sidechains and compressors like they’re ready to make the gain burst; one timbre will do fuzzy experimental bleeding edges as the next pounds the earth. A rich panoramic moment will split apart into crackling, distorted rapid-fire gunshots of rhythm.

Simply titled SLIKBACK, these do not sound like b-sides. Even through headphones, you’re transported almost to festival stages, subs rattling your chest, but you can close your eyes and imagine whole storylines and cinematography like they’re soundtracks. If anything, this sounds more deeply emotional than some of SLIKBACK’s equally stunning recent releases.

As the artist puts it, they tell his story – and that comes across:

A selection of some of my previously released tracks (ranging from 2021 – 2023) pressed onto a single definitive SLIKBACK album.

It has been quite the journey for me, pouring my heart and soul into my music. Going in different directions sonically but always staying connected to my emotions. Always felling that all my music is singular and tells the story of my existence.

This album is the essence that story.

Hope you can connect 🙂

I mean, yeah. I think you can.

If you missed it, you should definitely check out last fall’s LP, too:

Simply one of the most firey, creative artists around. Thank you for pouring that heart and soul out, at a time when so many releases are missing just that.