4Pockets have brought us a bunch of new audio units over the last few weeks. First they brought us their mastering suite, then their modulation group. Now they’ve brought another 2 AUv3 apps. A Stereo Graphic EQ, and a Panning Delay as well. So, here’s some detail.

Stereo Graphic EQ

This is an AUv3 compatible stereo graphic equalizer plugin which can be used as a plugin with your favourite DAW such as Cubasis, Auria, Meteor or GarageBand.

The 10 band stereo equalizer allows independent manipulation of both stereo channels with adjustments of +/- 12dB. It provides stereo meters capable of monitoring peak and rms so suitable as a master effect.

Panning Delay AUv3 Plugin

This is a AUv3 compatible digital delay which can be used as plugin with your favourite DAW such as Cubasis, Meteor, Auria or GarageBand. It supports a modern graphical interface and presets with stereo meters for monitoring signal levels.

This stereo digital panning delay allows you to specify a compositions tempo and beat divisions in order to create some pretty crazy synced delay patterns. You can further specify how the stereo separation for the left and right channels, even apply panning and reverse audio effects to the mix.

Also includes a tap tempo option.