DJ Player Professional

DJ Player Professional has been around in the iOS world for a long time and with every update it just gets better and better. Version 9.5 has a very specific focus on track selection, and, as the developer points out:

Track selection is not the most hyped, but most important skill of a DJ.
As a result, version 9.5 is all about your tracks …

What’s better than a track browser? Two track browsers on the same screen! Now in version 9.5 you can browse in a more creative way.

DJ Player is now able to recommend your next track to mix based on key and bpm.

  • Recommended compatible track properties are highlighted with different colors.
  • Compatible bpm is highlighted with green color.
  • Compatible key is highlighted with green, power boost mixing key is highlighted with blue color.
  • Sorting by Best Match shows a continuously updated list of recommended tracks from the currently visible tracklist.


  • Long press on a track in the track browser enables instant track preview. Move left or right to seek in the song.
  • Plays in the pre-listening signal with all pre-listening properties (volume, mix) applied.
  • Audible when only the speaker or headphone is available (no USB).
  • Track preview mutes the pre-listening signal by default, as previewing a track with other audio playing over the headphones is chaotic.
  • “Preview Mutes Pre-listening” mixer setting to enable/disable the track preview mute behavior.
  • Can be used with touch or the MIDI browse control.
  • Available for internal mixer mode only.


  • “Newest 100” displays the last 100 track additions to the music library (requires iOS 10).
  • Ratings (stars) are displayed for iOS Music Library tracks.
  • Key and bpm data recognized from iTunes comment field, ID3 tag comment field, front of filename, front of artist and front of title. Bpm and key from Mixed in Key for example.
  • No duplicates: metadata for files with slow access (Dropbox, WebDAV) is now attached to the appropriate local file or Music Library track, based on artist/title/duration.
  • Batch analyzing is almost 2x faster.
  • Options for batch analyzing: overwrite or keep existing bpm, key and grid data. Process all or just tracks not yet analyzed.


  • Sync is tighter than ever. Jumping (with our without loops) is stable regardless of direction.
  • Quantize player setting (1, 2 or 4 beats).
  • A loop on the master deck “overrides” the quantize setting to the length of the loop on the master deck.


  • Reduced number of colors and color-grouped controls for easier navigation and better focus on music/waveform.
  • Jump control changed from knob to button: short press jumps, longer press changes jump direction.


  • Slightly modified MIDI mapping user interface with room for future developments.
  • Third FX parameter MIDI mappable.
  • 4-deck MIDI controllers will automatically switch decks when deck visibility is changed on the touchscreen.
  • Tempo encoder is less precise (quicker) when turned rapidly.
  • THRU is MIDI mappable.
  • Scratching for simple jog wheels without touch events (such as Numark Party Mix)

DJ Player Professional is free on the App Store but is supported by in-app purchases