Yonac have been bringing us great synth app from almost the very beginning of the iOS app store. In fact, when they launched their first iOS synth app (MiniSynth) iOS wasn’t even called iOS. Since the days of MiniSynth they’ve launched numerous synths and other audio apps for iOS including, MiniSynth 2, MiniSynth Pro, Magellan, and their signal processing flagship ToneStack.

Their latest offering is named KASPAR, and Yonac are referring to it as a Supersynthesizer! Here’s how they describe it:

Harness the enormous power of 8 polyphonic synths: meet KASPAR Supersynthesizer! Featuring our cutting edge Multi-Engine Automorphing SuperSynthesis technology, KASPAR is a gigantic machine. A total of 24 oscillators, 8 filters, 8 arps; extensive morphing, automorphing, and layering abilities; a powerful modulation system; poly aftertouch; 2 FX Busses filled with fully stereo Yonac effects — just a few of the amazing features of this behemoth synth!

Yonac’s new KASPAR Supersynthesizer will be available for iPad on July 20th. No word on pricing as yet.