AliveInVR is a remote MIDI controller for Ableton Live for use with Windows virtual reality, available now on Steam. And – it’s a little crazy.

The idea is this: instead of using a physical controller or touchscreen, you manipulate Live parameters and clips by donning a helmet and waving your arms around.

You can use this via MIDI to control your copy of Ableton Live. (The title is currently in Early Access state – meaning it’s still being developed.

There’s a kind of mismatch of spatial dimensions with all these VR interfaces, I find. Mostly what you get is two-dimensional interfaces arranged in 3D – that is, here there’s a two-dimensional grid that just floats in space. But you do get to arrange those controls in a three-dimensional space.

HTC Vive and (more recently) Oculus Rift hardware is supported. In what may be a sign of things to come, there’s also streaming.

Because this is virtual reality, the interface blocks your view of the outside world. Mixed reality headsets may wind up competing with this approach.

Let us know if you try this out, if you own supported hardware. Here’s the developer description:

Ever wanted to use a giant Push or Launchpad from within VR?

Uh, come to think of it, not really. But go on, I’ll bite!

AliveInVR controls Ableton Live allowing you to trigger clips, play instruments and mix with a giant 3D Controllerist interface in VR.

Perform your favourite Live sessions and lose yourself in the music from VR.
Session mode – clip triggering and clip colors (reflected from your Ableton Session).
Note mode – play drum racks or instruments.
Mixer mode – control track levels, send and return.
Stream video of your performance to the desktop with in-game camera for screen recording and sharing online.
Choose daytime, sunset or night environments.
Clips pulsate in sync with the music.
Re-Arrange triggers around yourself in 3D.

AliveInVR on Steam

Via FACT, who point to Byron Mallett’s Pensato as another example of Oculus Rift control of Ableton.