As they’ve just updated their Unique apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) to remove both Inter-App Audio and Audiobus. They’ve decided to do this as, in their view, AUv3 is now the future for iOS, which is an interesting view. I’m not saying I disagree, but for some users it will certainly limit choice, and of course, not everyone is an audio units fan.

I’m guessing that they’ll follow along with the rest of their apps in due course, so we can expect the same treatment in Cyclop, Effectrix and WOW Filterbox.

They’re view of AUv3 is …

Thanks to AUv3 you now have a plugin interface that offers you the most features currently available.
No longer switch between apps or rely on work-around solutions with extra steps and messy MIDI problems.
Simply run Unique within your favourite iOS DAW just like you would on desktop.
Go wild running multiple instances, record parameter changes in real time and automatically save/restore Unique’s state within the host app.

But it’s not all bad news for Unique synth, in addition to adding audio units to both apps, they’ve also added iCloud drive for sharing of presets across multiple devices, which I know will please a lot of users.

Unique for iOS iPhone version

Unique for iOS iPad version