It’s only fair to say that Android doesn’t have the kind of selection of musical apps that iOS does. So when an app goes cross platform. Bebot has been a very popular app with lots of people for a long time so I think it’ll do well on Android and find an even bigger audience. I posted about Bebot recently as it got its first update in a long time, almost 3 years in face. It’s good to see that things are actually happening to do with Bebot again. It’s been a while.

Bebot is a fun and unique musical instrument, with an easy control system designed for touchscreens, and a friendly animated cartoon robot who performs your music and sounds for you as you play.

The powerful analogue-style synth engine lets you create your own impressive sounds, complete with effects including chorus and overdrive distortion. Or simply select from a wide variety of included presets and just start playing.

No musical training is required. The control system lets you select or program your own scales so that you’re never out of key. Plus, multiple playing modes let you perform expressive slides and bends, or create wild sound effects beyond the limitations of a standard keyboard.

Although it’s designed to be simple enough for anyone to use, Bebot has been used by popular bands and recording artists, both on stage and in the studio, and even by sound designers in film and TV production. You’ve probably already heard Bebot somewhere and didn’t know it!

Bebot is designed with the small screen in mind, so while it’s great on a tablet, it’s just as playable and powerful on the smartphone in your pocket. Any time you want to jam with the robot, Bebot is right there with you.

Bebot costs £1.79 on the Play Store now:

Bebot is also on iOS: