The reigning electronic musician of YouTube, Andrew Huang, reviews the equally charming Bastl Kastle and jams with the OP-1 and Micro Granny 2. Let’s watch.

Andrew seems like a bit of a genius – on trend, on point, and endlessly accessible. Plus aside from making nice original music, his edit rhythm is to the iPhone what MTV was to cable TV back in the day.

So, I could tell you all about how the combination of Bastl Instruments’ Micro Granny 2 and Teenage Engineering’s OP-1 makes for an ultra-portable, sunny park-friendly, utterly beautiful love poem to everything glitchy and fun and happy in the world. And I certainly believe that Czech – Swedish combination, and could wax poetic about it with words. Or you could watch this video:

And likewise, I’m absolutely positive I couldn’t top the brightly-lit, twee, Millennial hyperactivity of this review. But it’s also totally precise, and I agree with what he’s saying.

So here we go: review of the pocket-tiny, semi-modular (meaning you can do things with wires and make sounds happen!) Kastle synthesizer!

Advantage Huang.

But let’s pause for a moment. For all the gloom in the world, weird Czech engineers are making joy-packed pocket inventions that are then picked up

So – for this – thanks, Internet. Uh, the other stuff, Internet, we should really talk, but this – thanks.