Polyrhythms are the essence of many kinds of music traditions. So why not adapt them to some machines for playing them in an electronic setting?

Neven, aka Nadine Raihani, recently delved into the topic at Berlin’s Tresor for an edition of Native Sessions. You could build sequencers in Reaktor from the beginning, but recent ensemble editions let you get up and running quickly – and connect to Native Instruments hardware. Watch:

Here, you get MASCHINE JAM for REAKTOR and NOD-E as the sequencers, as a setup for live playing and improvisation.

It’s great to watch this because Neven, a product specialist at NI, did an earlier version of this at an event I was moderating a couple of years ago, back when Reaktor 6 was brand new. In this edition, she also used this as an example of how to modify ensembles.

If you want to revisit that:

In just a few minutes, mod a Euclidean Sequencer in Reaktor