We’ve already seen a couple of apps this week that are powered by the AudioKit framework, and here’s another. Bliptronic is a fairly simple looking synth app with an intuitive interface. It’s a universal app, and as far as I can tell it’s sort of roughly based on the original Bliptronic or Bliptronic 5000 hardware from years ago. It could be that I’m wrong and it’s just sharing a name, but as this app also has a grid interface it would seem to be a big coincidence.

According to the app’s description it provides an 8×8 grid representing beats-per-measure vs notes-per-scale. This layout offers a clear way to visualize patterns in music, as well as exploring randomness by pressing a scattered assortment of buttons. Bliptronic comes equipped with four different types of synthesizer engines, an envelope filter to sculpt the shape, as well as reverb to add a deeper dimensions to your sounds.

As I always fancied a look at the original hardware device I may well have a play with this. If you’re interested in finding out more about the original hardware, click here to see the post from way back in 2009 on CDM.

Finally, if you’re interested in how Bliptronic was made you can check out the GitHub page for the project and dive right in.

Bliptronic is free on the app store