TonalEnergy could easily be overlooked as just a tuner and metronome app. That would be a real oversight. TonalEnergy can do much much more. In fact, it’s an all-in-one app, with a truly state-of-the-art tuner, an advanced metronome, dedicated orchestral strings and guitar tuning page, a piano keyboard, sound analysis pages, and audio/visual recording capabilities. See what I mean?

In version 1.6 this huge app gets a huge update and even more features, tweaks, and of course the obligatory bug fixes.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Added new Note Staff view on analysis page for viewing your tuning in a standard music notation format
  • Improved immediate history scroll back on Analysis waveform plot, can now see previous 60 seconds of audio when freezing and play it back (with loop points). Can pinch to zoom, or set the playhead by tapping/dragging near top of plot. This also works when playing back previously recorded audio files.
  • Added support for remote control via AirTurn pedals and bluetooth (qwerty) keyboards, as well as MIDI controllers sending CC or PC events. See the new options in the Prefs.
  • Added German, French, Spanish, Chinese translations (along with updated Japanese)
  • Added 8/8, 11/8, and 4/8 meters
  • Added Viola da Gamba tunings
  • Added Mountatin Dulcimer tunings
  • Now record in stereo if there is a stereo input attached.
  • Added options in Prefs to show Smiley and Thinking faces


  • New accelerando/ritardando support in metronome presets. See the revised tempo section in the preset editor. New modes for tempo include No Change, Fixed, Gradual (which lets you set start and end tempo), and Relative (which adjusts it +/- a specific BPM from previous).
  • Added additional preset sequencing option “Single”. The toggle button for sequencing the met is now 3-way. Off, Sequence All, and Sequence Single. The new mode stays on the current preset but executes the bar count and any tempo changes, then if looping is off it will stop, or if looping is on it will repeat, including any tempo changes.
  • Now has ability to set a preset start and end for sequencing over (instead of just the whole list), long press on a preset button (when in sequence mode) for options.
  • Added preset number and measure number to metronome preset lists, to ease creating sequences or set lists
  • Tapping on metronome “list” button on main met page now brings up the preset groups list on iPhone. Long-pressing it brings up the current group (what it used to do when pressed normally).
  • Double-tap on presets on main page brings up popup editor all the time, long-press when in auto-advance mode brings up menu to set that preset as the range start or end, or clear the range (or edit).
  • Added combine preset groups feature when in Select mode, to create new groups from multiple existing ones.
  • Layout changes in main metronome page (and pulldown) to make it much easier to use one-handed on iPhone.
  • New popup slider/wheel controls for metronome tempo by holding down +/- tempo buttons. Defaults to slider, try the wheel by switching an option in the metronome prefs.
  • Fixed issue where metronome was silent using some bluetooth speakers.
  • Fixed visual metronome with /1 meters
  • Fixed import of presets via Airdrop, etc to work even when tuner isn’t running
  • Importing metronome presets with identical name as an existing now gets unique name
  • Fixed issue where preset groups couldn’t be exported because of their name
  • Prevented full swiping to delete preset groups (to avoid accidental deletion)
  • Fixed meter menu getting stuck open in preset editor
  • Fixed count-in related issues
  • Other bug fixes

TonalEnergy costs $3.99 on the app store