I have to admit to having missed this when it first came around, and I’ve only just picked up on it as of version 1.3. However, I’m making up for my mistake by talking about it now. Let’s start by explaining a bit about what Cycle is. Probably the easiest way is to give you the app’s description, which is nicely succinct.

Cycle is a time lag accumulator – a musical system that repeats the notes you play over and over until they gradually fade into silence. It’s a simple but very powerful idea, allowing you easily create fascinating and often unexpected sonic textures.

Cycle can be a delightful meditative experience, since the system naturally lends itself well to long and slowly evolving musical ideas.

Cycle can also be a great starting point for creating ambient music. Cycle features easy recording and exporting to both wav and midi files, as well as Inter-App Audio (IAA) and Audiobus support. Easily Airdrop or email recordings to your computer, and use them right away in your favorite DAW.


  • 12 sound options. Samples by @electronisounds.
  • Inter-App Audio (IAA) and Audiobus support
  • Controllable tempo
  • Controllable reverb wet/dry mix
  • 5 new colors

Since it arrived in June of this year, Cycle has had a few updates. Rather than tell you everything that’s been added, here are the highlights:

  • New feature – pitch bending! Hold and drag the keyboard buttons to bend pitch.
  • iPad support
  • Speed improvements when recording & exporting
  • Inter-App Audio (IAA) and Audiobus support
  • 11 new sound options. BIG thanks to @electronisounds for the samples!
  • Controllable tempo
  • Controllable reverb wet/dry mix
  • 4 new colors

Cycle is a free app on the app store and worth checking out as it’s pretty unique