Bram Bos have delivered their latest app Odessa Sequencer Suite. The app is a collection of MIDI sequencers and controllers that lets you explore a new, freeform approach to sequencing and controlling mobile music apps. In total the app contains 6 MIDI Audio Units (this is a totally new feature in iOS11 that doesn’t seem to have been well exploited so far) in a single package, which can be loaded in compatible MIDI AU hosts (Kymatica’s AUM is the first host to support it).

Here’s a list of what comes in the package with Odessa:

  1. 1) Odessa Bassline: a monosequencer based on the popular Troublemaker sequencer. Obviously comes with all the randomization and mutation features. Up to 8 patterns per sequence, with Follow Actions. Transpose using MIDI.
  2. 2) Odessa Rhythm: a euclidean drum sequencer with mutations per instrument and polyrhythms. Comes with configurable key mappings for many popular drum apps.
  3. 3) Odessa X0X: classic TR-styles step sequencer for drum machines. Supports triplets, polyrhythms and mutations per channel. Optionally emulates the exact timing jitter pattern of the legendary TR-808
  4. 4) Odessa LFO: a triple MIDI LFO generator lets you modulate CC parameters of your MIDI instruments. Apply amplitude modulation to each wave for more organic behavior. Optionally syncs to tempo.
  5. 5) Odessa XY: a double XY Controller Pad for generating 4 simultaneous configurable CC controller streams per instance. Also features MOD wheel and PitchBend sliders.
  6. 6) Odessa Arpeggio: adds a MIDI arpeggiator to any of your synths. Offers latch mode, shuffle and automatic tempo synchronization. Turn any incoming MIDI stream into an arpeggio on the fly.

Please Note:

  • these plugins do not run as a standalone app and require a compatible host to work
    MIDI is not sound. To make sound you’ll have to feed the MIDI into a synthesizer or instrument app. Bring your own synths!

Odessa Sequencer Suite costs $9.99 on the app store now: