ElliottGarage has made a lot of good vintage emulations for iOS and here’s another. The EGDR606. EGDR606, is a drum machine that emulates the vintage hardware from the 80’s with the easiness of modern software.

According to EGDR606 it is a realistic and clear emulation and the interface recalls the analog machine from the past. You can play with the groove presets included or you can create your own beat to play along your favourite song via InterApp, Audiobus, Core MIDI and clock MIDI. The app also include sharing of drum patterns with iTunes file sharing or Audio Copy.

Here’s a list of the main features of the app. One thing that’s a little strange is the inclusion of Wist. As far as I’m aware no one is using Wist any more, so it’s strange to see it.

Main Features:

  • Interface like the real drum machine from the 80’s

  • 16 steps sequencer, with variable lenght

  • 16 programmable rythm patterns

  • Save the pattern you’ve created and play your songs

  • Manual Play, Pattern Write and Pattern Clear mode

  • Drumkit pieces independent parameters control (tuning, pan and volume)

  • Song Mode page (swipe to left to open) with loop option

  • Swing and tap tempo

  • Quick Edit mode

  • Core MIDI & clock MIDI (network session, external controller, inter app midi)

  • Audiobus support

  • Ableton Link support

  • Interapp Instrument

  • Export with iTunes, mail or Audio Copy

  • Korg Wist sync

EGDR606 costs $1.99 on the app store now: