This is a really big update for Quantiloop bringing a host a new features, together with obligatory updates and fixes etc. I have to say that it isn’t often that you see an update quite this packed with new features. It’s impressive to say the least. So let’s take a look at everything feature by feature, with comments from me on most of them.


  • Full input routing. Quantiloop now has 4 configurable inputs, which is a big improvement for the app
  • Each input can be an IAA/AU, Audiobus, or physical port from a multichannel interface, and my working assumption is that you can mix and match between the three
  • Each input can have a fixed effect assigned (e.g. an Amp simulation or other)
  • Each input can be mapped to the output (monitoring) or any of the tracks, which can make for some interesting possibilities
  • Each input has gain and pan control
  • Input FX can be assigned to a specific input


  • 2 Mix Outputs: Main and Monitor (Rhythm can be excluded from main)
  • 6 discrete pre-fade outputs for each track, rhythm and input pass through for external mixing (in hardware or IAA/Audiobus)
  • Full multichannel selection (including Multiroute)


  • Routings are remembered per device, so once set up if you move between interfaces your connections will be remembered. Which could be very useful and save a great deal of time.


  • Tempo range changed to 30 – 999 bpm (which has just about got you covered for anything you want to do)
  • Odd time signatures from 1/1 to 32/32 (which is very handy and a nice attention to detail)
  • Use 1/4 etc to sync to variable time sig rhythms


  • New Quantise modes
  • TempoSync options
  • Parallel, Serial and Mixed Play Styles
  • DUB MODE: Easily switch between dubbing or stopping tracks without the need for double-taps
  • MUTE MODE: Mute/Un-mute tracks without stopping/starting the timeline


  • New MIDI controls for Loop Decay, Input Gain, Volumes, Pans and more
  • Additional hold/dbl-tap actions for clear, undo/redo and stop


  • Use AUv3 as input instruments
  • Full AUv3 preset selection and creation


  • Sharing of Presets, which is really nice to see, and I hope that users make the most of it
  • Locking of presets to avoid overwrites, another very useful feature to avoid a great deal of angst
  • Backup/Restore system settings to iCloud

MISC: (which is a good to see that there’s a round up of fixes and updates as ever)

  • Instant dubbing now starts on the down tap (instead of up). If you intended to do an undo/redo it will nicely handle this by cancelling the dub etc…
  • Minimum loop size is now about 100 ms
  • More override options for each track
  • Latest Ableton Link
  • Undo/Redo now cancels a recording or overdub when active
  • Undo/Redo now also works on stopped tracks
  • Many more minor fixes and changes
  • New colour scheme for the dialogs, and UI cleanup

As I said, it’s a big update. An impressive one. If you haven’t checked out the app for a while it’s definitely worth taking another look.

Quantiloop Pro is $9.99 on the app store now: