Elliott Garage brought us the EGSY01 analogue synth for iOS and now has taker the vocal section from that app. This new app is an AudioUnit AU3 compatible vocal filter plugin. It allows you to simulate the formants and the vowels of a human voice, creating rich and mellow sounds; it can be applied to synthesizes, drums, guitars or any sound you want.
Its parameters can be controlled by hosts or automated with the integrated drawable envelope (you can choose 16/32/64 steps resolution) and a BPM tempo control.

Its filter engine has been already acclaimed in the vocal section of EGSY01 analogue synth, and we decided to publish it as a standalone filter due to users request.

Formante is not a standalone app, but you need an AU3 compatible host like n-Track, AUM, Auria, Cubasis or Beatmaker3.

Formante is on the app store now and costs $3.99