Jasuto has to be the original modular synth on iOS. It first arrived in 2009 and got lots of updates until 2014, then nothing. The reason was that Chris, the developer of the app, went to work for Apple.

Jasuto wasn’t just any modular synth app either. It never took the skeuomorphic approach that many have. Instead it went for a very different interface, and I always thought it was really quite beautiful to look at. Of course, initially, when it arrived (back then for iPhone) it was a revelation, and, for a lot of people, quite hard to get a grip on. Scroll forward 9 years, and we have an update. It isn’t a huge update, but it is great that it’s still there, and even greater that there’s an update, however small.

So, here’s what’s new!

Finally got the chance to convert Jasuto to 64bit, also fixed some random bugs, and updated AudioBus. I do have plans to continue extending Jasuto, but I think what I was working on before I joined Apple might take priority 🙂


Like I said, not huge, but great anyway. I’m excited! You can probably tell right.

Jasuto, on the app store, it costs $4.99