It’s always great to see an app return to the app store. Especially after a very long gap. So it is with Grid Music. It was around in its original form around 5 years ago on the app store, and at that point was for iPhone only. Now it’s back, it’s better, it’s universal and it is quite different from a lot of other synths and sequencers.

Way back then I made a small (and slightly awful) video of it.

However, it appears that my video could be the only one of the original app. That in itself would be weird.

Anyway, the original app was pretty cool in my opinion. I enjoyed it a lot, so when I heard from the developer that he intended to bring it back in a new form, I was so pleased. The new Grid Music is even better than the original, and, what’s more, I know it’s going to get even better. I’ve been testing Grid Music for several weeks now. It’s stable, it’s fun, it is quite different to other sequencers and synths and it can generate some really unusual and interesting patterns.

In the words of the developer …

Grid Music is a flexible, generative step sequencer and synthesizer. It’s an easy way to make music that has a mind of its own. It offers creative possibilities beyond traditional step sequencers by using a propagation model: pulses follow connections around a grid, triggering notes and timbre changes.

  • Simple pattern editing. Easily adjust pitches, modulation, and rhythmic intervals. Easily modify pattern layout to create multiple tracks, random branches, and loops.
  • Pitch quantization. Notes are quantized to a key, scale, and octave range and can be instantly transposed.
  • Pattern queueing. Easily perform a sequence of patterns in time.
  • PWM synthesizer with pulse width ramping, vibrato, and envelope settings.
  • Supports Ableton Link for tempo, beat, and phase synchronization with other apps and devices.
  • Supports the iOS Files app.

You can find Grid Music on the app store. It costs $4.99: